Sending off our seniors with a sign

KULR (Billings)- It started in a brainstorm session, but evolved into something much larger, all to recognize area high school seniors.

Lets face it, being a graduating senior is not the most ideal of situations right now.

In a team effort, one Billings commercial print shop is providing area seniors a momento to remember their unforgettable final year.

"We went out to a bunch of our clients and found someone who would be willing to sponsor custom yard signs for each high school senior," says President of Ultra Graphics, Jake Eaton.

From Skyview, Senior, Laurel and many more surrounding schools, Eaton says they were able to donate over 1400 custom yard signs which retails around $25000

"The original plan involved just the Billings schools but evolved into several surrounding areas like Columbus and Absorkee.

Amanda Aspenlieder, who comes from a small town herself, says its exciting to hit some of these smaller high schools.

"We didn't forget about them you know, they are still just as important as anywhere. AA schools, C schools, it doesn't matter," says Aspenlieder.

"It's such a difficult time I think for a lot of those kids, kind of wrapping their mind around why they're not getting to do the things that their older brothers and sisters did or their cousins and things like that. So to try and make it a little extra special in a difficult time I think it's important," says Eaton.

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