Senator Tester refutes attack ads; says yet to decide on Gorsuch

Montana's Democratic Senator Jon Tester said Monday there is an agenda behind new attack ads aimed at the politician.

The ads from the Judicial Crisis Network claim Tester is threatening to block support for Supreme Court Judge nominee Neil Gorsuch, creating gridlock in Washington.

"I have not made my mind up about Neil Gorsuch," Tester said. "I've met with him, and I'm going to go back through his cases and read through his opinions and see how he's decided on cases, then I'm going to let the hearing happen, then I'll make a decision."

Tester said these attack ads from JCN (  are a prime example of citizens and corporations funding ads because they have a private agenda.

Tester added that these ads arrive two weeks after the senator dropped a bill to shine the spotlight on dark money groups (more:

"If someone is paying more than $5,000 to one of these groups, it's put on a website so people can find out who is paying for these ads," Tester said of his recent legislative package.

The senator was in Billings Monday to introduce three new pieces of education legislature aimed to help recruit teachers to rural and Native American communities and to provide more resources on campus for veterans.

Hear from Senator Tester about new legislation introduced today and his goals on KULR-8 tonight.

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