HELENA, Mont. - There were many marijuana bills pre-filed as the 2021 legislative session started in Montana, but ultimately there will be just one that will go before the full Senate and House.

A group of senators went to work over the last 10 days looking to draft a final bill that satisfies the requirements outlined through Initiative 190, which was passed by Montana voters last fall.

The bill is a beefed up version of HB 701.

More than 30 amendments on marijuana have been tacked on, by the special committee, to address everything from who can sell, where they can sell and how much THC levels can be included in the products that are sold.

Ultimately, recreational marijuana is coming to Montana, and this bill is designed to give municipalities local control and people within those counties a voice in whether they want a dispensary within their community.

I-190 talked a lot about tax revenue for the state and environmental programs, but this bill has language that will allow municipalities to tack on an additional local-option tax.

This doesn't, however, affect counties with established medical marijuana dispensaries.

The house bill was approved by the committee after an 11 to 1 vote and is now on it's way to be heard by the full Senate.

Though, because the bill has been amended from the version sent up from the House, it will have to go back to that body for them to concur on the changes.

You can read the full version of House Bill 701 with all the amended changes below:

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