A search group has been camping out for the last twelve days at the rest stop where Selena Not Afraid went missing January 1st trying to find any clues or tips of her disappearance.

This search party group is made up of members of neighboring tribes such as Fort Belnap and Northern Cheyenne as well as the general public.
The motivation and drive has been apparent the last twelve days with the search group not leaving any stones unturned.
"We operate everyday. On the tips that don't go anywhere except our inbox, everything is followed up. Every clue, every tip," said Selena's Aunt Cheryl Horn.
Even with all the support and help this group has had so far, including official FBI search party's out looking today, there's still more that can be done.
Horn commented, "We still can use people on the ground. We still have area's that are suggested that we search. But be safe, if you can just search your own area. That's one thing is stay safe. Search your properties, search your barn's, all that."
According to Horn, the local assistance has been great but they still are in need of locals who know the land to lend a helping hand.
"We don't have a lot of people coming from this area who live here who have family members missing. We need you to come and say lets go together. Lets continue to look help me look for my son while we got the attention and the man-power. Come and tell us where to search and we'll help," stressed Horn.
Even with a majority of the supplies being paid for out of their own pockets, this local search party has remained resilient and has simply trusted the process.
Horn added, "That's all we have to do is have faith. And believe in each other. But not stop, whether it's me and one other person driving it's still getting done. We're just encouraging everybody don't give up because there's more than Selena missing. There's a lot of people here, they're somewhere. And they all want to be found. All of them."
Different ways you can help out this group would be donating gas cards for the search vehicles that are going out to look for Selena as well as any various things that can produce heat or warmth for them. And one thing that would be a major help would be lodging, getting a motel room or anything like that for them especially with the weather getting cold.

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