SD2 Superintendent on recent school threats

KULR (Billings)- School District 2 Superintendent, Greg Upham, voiced his gratitude towards local law enforcement and the community as they worked through Monday mornings lockdown.

He said each threat is different.

However, the same standard is held for each one that the School District faces. Meaning that it will be taken seriously, no matter how long it takes to investigate.

As discussed in the last school board meeting, Upham emphasized that school safety is through and through, a team effort.

"We've experienced a rash of threats since the Helena incident and the Billings Senior Lockdown. So we're working with our students about the importance of managing social media appropriately and we asked to partner with our parents too and support that message at home," said Superintendent Upham.

An investigation is ongoing following the over the phone threats made to Billings West High School and Career Center.

We'll continue to bring you updates as we receive them both on air and online.

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