BILLINGS, Mont. -- Representatives with School Guard Glass put on a demonstration today at Lockwood Fire Department for Lockwood School Administration and first responders.  The glass is designed to withstand multiple kinds of forced entry from an attacker, and the Lockwood Schools are looking into putting this nearly indestructible glass on their campus.

"It's been part of our design process from the beginning as far as how are we going to keep our school as safe as possible for our students," says Superintendent Tobin Novasio.

School Guard Glass showed with a baseball bat and a sledgehammer just how mighty their laminated glass products are.

"Well I had an eight pound sledge hammer in my hand and I swung with what I got and I probably got 15-20 swings in before I started to tucker out," says Lockwood Fire's Ryan Staley, "and that's not even half the damage I actually created so it was a lot of work to really do very little damage."

Superintendent Tobin Novasio says Lockwood Schools will work with their contractors to prioritize implementing safety glass to protect students.  School Guard Glass says the average response time for fire or police is four to six minutes, and their toughest glass product passed all ballistic impact, concentrated assaults, and forced entry including baseball bat and sledgehammer tests in that amount of time.

Lockwood Fire's Ryan Staley says the glass could allow schools to have a safer environment.

"In rural Montana, obviously you have longer response times for both fire and police and that is a huge concern so every second that a safety device like this can give them, every extra minute really allows those first responders to get to the scene and do their job effectively.  Again, I think this is something that a lot of schools should be looking at moving forward especially with the higher number of incidents that keep occurring across the U.S."

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