School board meeting will discuss search for the next superintendent

The search for the next superintendent of School District 2 in Billings continues.

On Monday night, SD2 school board members will discuss a strategic plan to identify and hire Terry Bouck's replacement.

According to the preliminary plan shared with us March 5th is the deadline to turn in any applications for the position. By the week of March 12th, the top candidates are expected to be interviewed.

On March 21st, the semi-finalists will be determined and on March 26th and 27th, those semi-finalists will be interviewed. On April 14th, the school board will be meeting with consultants to determine who is the best candidate to fill the position.

As for qualifications, board members are hoping for candidates who have experience leading a larger K-12 district and strong fiscal and budget management skills.

The school board hopes to find the next superintendent before the fiscal school year ends. Current superintendent, Terry Bouck, plans to retire at the end of the school year.

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