Santa Claus flies around Billings On Christmas Eve

You better not pout. You better not cry because Santa Claus flew around the Billings area on the night of Christmas Eve.

It's been a tradition for years, beginning with Gary Blain's father.

"37 years ago, give or take, he and his friends got together and they built this sign," Blain said. "It's just an outline of Santa Claus and it's all the lights and the blinking and he flew it around the Billings area. It started the tradition."

For the past 22 years on Christmas Eve, Blain will take his helicopter and fly counter-clockwise outside the Billings city limits. It's a group effort that he and his team love to do. Ebert Stanton has been helping out with this tradition for many years.

"So Ebert, tell me," KULR-8's Briana Monte said. "Why do you guys do this every year?"

"It's family tradition," Stanton said. "Gearhart started this in the mid 70's and we've just been goofy about it. The community seems to really enjoy it and it's something we can give back to the community."

Blain, also known as Santa Claus, said he does it for the children.

"It's a lot of fun," Blain said. "When you fly by certain houses, you'll see lights blinking and things like that and as you pull over by that house, it'll look like the door broke down and you'll see kids just piling out, waving at the sky. You'll see that a couple of dozen times in a night."

Many people stood by to watch Santa take flight. Blain puts a twist to the classic song 'Santa Clause Is Coming To Town'.

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