Sam's Club donates nearly 2,000 bottles of water for Ballantine, Worden

Over the past few weeks KULR-8 has received numerous donations of water for the communities of Ballantine and Worden but none quite as big as this.

Ed Apedaile and Sam's Club donated an entire pallet of water as part of the KULR-8 Water Drive which in total 1,920 bottles of water.  

"We enjoy helping out the community, we have a lot of members from that area, we also have employees from that area so we try to help them out best we can do and we're always happy to help," says Apedaile. 

Ballantine and Worden have been unable to drink tap water since July and it may take up to 5 years until the tap water is safe for consumption. 

The KULR-8 Water Drive is this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the KULR-8 station located at 2045 Overland Avenue. 

All donations will go to help the communities of Ballantine and Worden. 

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