The risk of injury while hanging Christmas lights is high for anyone, professional or not. So here are some important safety tips to consider if you're still planning to hang up Christmas lights on your house this holiday season.

According to local Ace Hardware manager Don Korf -- two of the most important and easiest things to make sure of when hanging Christmas lights is keeping your shoes and ladder as dry as possible.

There's also the four-to-one rule, which means placing the ladder a foot away from your house for every four feet of the ladder's height. So if you have an eight foot ladder, place it two feet away from your house.

When it comes to the weather conditions outside, you're just as much at risk to potentially injure yourself if its dry on the ground or if it's wet and snowy.

How you are positioned on the ladder is also crucial when it comes to your safety.

"Always have three points of contact on the ladder. Either two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand. And never stretch farther than you can comfortably reach when you're up on the ladder," explained Korf.

If you'd rather skip using a ladder all together, you can use a special extension tool accompanied by light clips that attach to your gutter making it easy to hang your lights safely from the ground.

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