That day, for no particular reason, Ren Reynolds decided to go for a little run.

A junior-college baseball player in Texas is going viral for his Forrest Gump impression during his team's Halloween-themed scrimmage.

In a video posted by Tyler Junior College Athletics, a routine groundout turns into a internet sensation.

Reynolds is dressed spot on like Forrest Gump with a plaid shirt, slacks, a Bubba Gump hat and white shoes, and while he was out on the play, he just felt like running.

He continues on past first base and strides down the foul-ball line, a tribute to Forrest's non-stop running mentality at multiple points in the 1994 film.

Reynolds can certainly run like the wind blows. It appears he had that mindset that from that day on if he was going somewhere, he was running!

"Run, Forrest, run!" someone in the crowd yells along with various laughter as Reynolds nails the bit and ends up behind the outfield walls after jumping a fence.

“One of my teammates (Trey Erwin) told me to keep running, and when I did and jumped the fence I thought ‘I hope they think it’s funny’ because I was tired after!” Reynolds told the Tyler Morning Telegraph. “I picked Forrest Gump because that was one of the movies I watched with my family growing up and we thought it was super funny.”

Fans wanting more certainly got it later in the game. After Reynolds gets on base, he continues the flawless Gump impression, executing the iconic hand-on-the-hip wave towards Lieutenant Dan from Forrest's shrimp boat in the film.

The video continues to go viral, with TJC's Twitter post garnering over 7.5 million view, over 11,500 retweets and over 47,000 likes, on top of getting shared by several media outlets nationally.

Tyler JC and the sophomore infielder from Kilgore, Tex., have been enjoying the spotlight as those magic shoes can take you anywhere, but the fame can wear on you a bit.

"I'm pretty tired, I think I'll go home now," TJC Apache Athletics said in a tweet.

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