Rooster from the Notre Dame's spire recovered

A rooster that sat atop the spire of the Notre Dame Cathedral has been recovered and sent to a French Craftsman, maybe to be repaired, maybe not.

The rooster contained a piece of a relic believed to be the crown of thorns.

It fell almost 100 yards when the spire toppled over and crumpled in half as the cathedral burned in April.

Last week the bent piece of copper arrived at the studio of coppersmith Olivier Baum-Gartner.

He was already contracted to renovate 16 copper statues of saints that surrounded the spire. They were removed only days before the fire.

Baum-Gartner said it's unclear whether he'll restore the rooster.

Some religious people and donors want the cathedral's spire to be restored exactly as it was before the fire.

Others want the rooster to be displayed as it is, bent marks and all, to remind everyone of the fire.

The rooster is a symbol of France. Both the men's and women's soccer teams wear a rooster on their jerseys.

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