Rocky Mountain College expands their fleet with two new Piper Archer III aircraft.

The new additions came in the beginning of February with each plane costing around $115,000.

"It's just securing funding, starting fundraisers, that sort of thing, the actual placement of the purchase, then they built them from scratch and then from delivery so about 2 years," said Seth Livengood, RMC AssistantChief Flight Instructor.

These two new planes will help students with their fleet training.

"The new aircraft have a lot more advanced avionic system built into them, so more advanced GPS, more advanced cockpit so it's really going to help students transition to that next jump in their career where they're flying more advanced aircraft," added Matthew Mauland, RMC flight instructor.

Rocky Mountain College student Luke Ward helped fly a plane back to Billings from Florida and he says navigation went smoothly.

"Within the first hour, we were kind of figuring it out on our way back from Vero beach," said Ward. "It's pretty easy to learn to fly actually and it helped us a lot overrall with our entire trip and it made it really easy for us to get back."

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