Repairman dedicates his work to help the community of Roundup after hailstorm

The most recent thunderstorm in Musselshell County produced intense rain and large amounts of hail. It left roundup with flooded areas, debris, and even damage to vehicles and other property.

Mark Higgins is a member of the community and described the aftermath of the recent thunderstorm.

"There's a lot of roofs that are pretty tore up that will have to get replaced," Higgins said. "There's a lot of broken glass. At my place, I had five windows out. I had hail in my bedroom in every inch of the floor."

Fred Harmon is the owner of an auto glass repair shop based out of Shepherd. He happened to be leaving Roundup, a place he visits frequently, at the start of what some locals call a 'freak' hail-storm.

"I went into emergency mode and started planning out everything I could," Harmon said. "Bought a trailer and some extra glass racks and brought up over a hundred windows with me. Some are really common ones I thought we would need and I haven't stopped."

Harmon said he has been coming in early and leaving late- even skipping meals- to meet the town's demand.

"I usually can handle the workload, but right now it's an emergency," Harmon said. "All the windows are shattered."

With over 150 vehicles scheduled to be repaired and more waiting to be added to the list, Harmon said there's one thing the community can do to help.

"Just be patient," Harmon said. "Literally, I'm training people as we go and I'm trying to be a trainer, an installer, a business owner, do the paper work. I'm pulled in so many directions, patience would be the best thing I can ask for."

Harmon said even though he is bending over backwards to help the community of Roundup, he's just glad the people are okay.

"The fact that everyone's okay and we're just repairing 'stuff' is a blessing," Harmon said.

Harmon said a friend has allowed for him to use his shop called Elite Tune and Lube so that he can fulfill the workload that will last for a couple of months.


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