Repairing hail damaged vehicles

BILLINGS, Mont. -- If you parked your car outside during Sunday's hail storm, you may want to check for hail damage.  Mariah Sampson who works in business development at American Auto Body says if you think your vehicle suffered hail damage to call your insurance company right away.

Once you file a claim, the catastrophe loss team will write up an estimate that you can take to your local auto body shop.  If your insurance company does not have a catastrophe loss team, then your local auto body shop can write up an estimate.  Sampson says most shallow dents can be fixed with paintless dent repair.

"That's where we push or massage all the dents out of the vehicle.  If we can do that it really depends on how deep the dent is, where the dent is located, if the dent has damaged the paint on the vehicle... if the paint is cracked we have to do conventional repairs and a lot of times that involves us replacing the panel that's damaged, so we'll replace your hood or your roof or a fender on your vehicle," says Sampson.

Sampson says hail damage like this is typical in the state of Montana, but usually affects less people in more rural areas.

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