BILLINGS, Mont. -- The farmland involved in this year's Threshing Bee in Worden was damaged in Sunday's hail storm, but the hail wasn't enough to stop the Antique Tractor Club from planning its annual event.

Dick Tombrink is the Treasurer of the 2019 Threshing Bee.

"This year with the weather the way it was... we were really concerned about the weather. We were able to bind it on Saturday and what we do then is we cut it into bundles like you see here.  We have a machine that cuts it into a bundle and ties it and then we go along and shock it," says Tombrink.

Last Sunday's hail storm dampened the bundles, but Tombrink says they reshocked them back to a tapered 'A' frame configuration.  It's important the heads of the bundles are off the ground so they can dry out.

"We invite everybody to come and see how it was done in the old days," continues Tombrink.

Tombrink says they will have a saw mill, a black smith shop, and a kitty tractor pull on display.  There will even be bread freshly baked from the bundles of grain.  The Threshing Bee will take place on August 17, 2019 and August 18, 2019 and is open to adults and children ages 12 and older.

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