Red Lodge hosts Burn the Point

RED LODGE, Mont. - Social distancing can definitely be a strain on mental health and everyday life, but Red Lodge found a way to get everyone out on a Friday night while still following social distancing guidelines.

"Well I was driving up and down main street and there was absolutely no one out ever. And I thought well when I was younger we used to drive up and down small town main street's and Billings and we would all waive at each other and that's how we met each other. And in this day and age people don't do that anymore," said Red Lodge resident Beverly Parker.

Old cars, sunshine, and some fresh air is exactly what the people of Red Lodge needed during these times of social distancing and quarantining.
Even though there weren't many spectators on the sidewalks, there were plenty of people out and about driving up and down Broadway street honking their horns and enjoying some time outside of the house during burn the point.
"Well I go to city hall everyday and it's just been just quiet and it's coming and going and this is the most traffic we've had in a very long time. This is our slack time but it's good to get everybody out and get everyone together. The main thing is keeping the community up beat and moving forward," explained Mayor of Red Lodge Bill Larson.
Not only did Burn the Point help get some people a sense of normalcy, but it's benefiting small businesses at the same time.
"You know our sidewalk sale here tonight is you know obviously we can all live without this stuff but it's just a fun little pick me up. And we just recently added retail items to our mix and then this happened. So we just thought well, let's just share some of our joy," said Pam Wagner, owner of Junction 7 in Red Lodge.
And the joy was shared without a doubt. The welcoming atmosphere and positive vibes were definitely present on the streets today out in Red Lodge.

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