Recycle your old electronics to reduce waste

In observance of Earth Day this weekend, Yellowstone E-Waste Solutions is encouraging the Magic City to reduce, reuse and recycle.

With the exception of CRT monitors and box televisions, there isn't anything yellow stone e-waste solutions won't take in and with recycling services at no cost, owner Brandon Fox wants people to recycle their discarded electronics instead of throwing them away.

He ensures your personal information won't be leaked by using a specially made shredder. 

"Lots of data breaches around the country, so we take that very seriously," said Fox. "So, we do offer that service to people as well."

Yellowstone E-Waste Solutions receives 1 million pounds of electric waste annually, but where does it all go?

"We evaluate it to see if it can be repaired or reused. We do have a retail store for equipment that we've refurbished," adds Fox. "If we can reuse or refurbish it, it gets recycled back to raw material like steel, aluminum, copper."

Fox says electronics have toxic metals inside of them which include led, mercury  and other heavy metals that could harm us. 

"Then they find their way back into our air and water, it's really easy to bring electronics to us or take them up to our collection site at the landfill, so they don't end up back in the environment in a harmful way," said Fox.

As one person's electronic waste is his refurbished treasure, Fox says someone has to do it. 

"I found a niche that no one was doing in this region and twelve years ago on Earth Day as a matter of fact is when we started, so it's our 12 year anniversary this Earth Day," adds Fox. "So I'm happy to be a part of that and to save our environment."


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