BILLINGS, Mont. - December is almost here, and many residents are preparing for the upcoming holiday by picking out the perfect Christmas tree.

Adult and Teen Challenge will be selling Christmas trees through December 24th and all the money raised helps them treat community members recovering from drug addiction.

Adult and Teen Challenge is a faith based 12 month residential treatment center that uses the support of a biblical community to help recovering alcohol and drug addicts.

"We take the brokenness of a drug addict's life and we see them towards wholeness.", said Randall Wilber, Executive Director of Billings Adult and Teen Challenge.

16 years ago Randall Wilber graduated from the program after being addicted to meth at 18-years-old. Now he's the executive director for Adult and Teen Challenge in Billings, working to better the lives of others.

"I knew there was people in this community who were just like I was, that if they had a program like teen challenge, their lives could be different too" said Wilber.

"Teen challenge has really taught me a lot about discipline and what it really means.", said Justin Plainfield, Member of Billings Adult and Teen Challenge.

One month ago, Justin Plainfield joined the program after being released from prison and decided he wanted to turn his life around.

"It's kind of tough starting out, right now with just a couple students, but if more people would come and be a part of it, that would be awesome" said Justin. 

The program is in place for those who need it and their next step is to sell their Christmas trees, which can pay for residents treatments who may not be able to afford it.

"If people are looking to not only buy a beautiful Christmas tree, but also to spend their money for a good cause, there is not a better place you could come.", said Ryan Clubb, Program Manager for Billings Adult and Teen Challenge. 

You can find the recovery program selling trees at the corner of 24th and Lewis Avenue Sunday through Thursday 11 am to 7 pm or Friday through Saturday 9 am to 9 pm. 

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