Recovered stolen truck contains notes from suspects

A recovered stolen truck contains a research list from the suspects, scouting addresses for items of interest in the Billings area.

We spoke with Kael Giebink, his brother owns the truck.

Giebink says highway patrol located the vehicle with the suspects inside.

As well as three or four notebooks containing locations, items of interest, pawnshops and salvage yards all across billings from Ironwood to the Rims. 

Giebink says those suspects are currently in custody and a warrant is out for two other people believed to be associated with the crime. 

"They have pages and pages of places throughout Billings where obviously they had been scouting out places to go and take things," said Giebink. "Your car is the biggest investment you can make and for someone to take advantage of that and do whatever they want is really unnerving for people to do that."

While Giebink said they tried to look for his brother's belongings, they know finding them is a slim chance.

He urges everyone to lock their car doors and keep all valuables out of sight. 


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