Ra Ra's Pizza Annual Show and Shine collaborates with Montana Hope Project

BILLINGS, Mont. -- Ra Ra's Pizza off Highway 312 hosted the Shine Car Show on September 14, 2019, and they are donating all proceeds to the Montana Hope Project.  The Montana Hope Project is a wish granting organization for children with critical illnesses in Montana.

The Shine Car Show granted a wish this afternoon -- a trip to Disneyland -- using all the funds they raised at the event today.  Leighton Peterson, the show organizer, says they don't charge an entry fee to participate.  Instead, people can drop donations in coffee cans that are in front of every car.  The car with the most donations in its coffee can at the end of the day wins the Montana Hope Project People's Choice Award.

Petersen works alongside Dave Evans, the Montana Hope Project Coordinator.

Evans says they raised about $3,000 last year and hopes to raise the same amount or more this year.

"The Hope Project's been in business since 1984 so this is our 35th year and so far we've granted 477 wishes.  Today is going to be number 478 at the end of the car show; we're going to do it out here," says Evans.

"It's really exciting to see that and to help someone out ... give them a wish.  Montana Hope is a great part of our show here," says Petersen.

The show averages about 90 to 100 cars every year.  According to Petersen, it is very possible this is the last car show everyone will have before they put their cars away for the winter.  More information on the Montana Hope Project can be found here: https://montanahope.org/.

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