Proposed Rage Room to come to Billings

Everyone experiences anger during their life but it's all about how you express it.

Some choose to work out their frustrations at the gym while others choose to go about it a different way.

Do you ever get so angry that you just want to throw something?

Generally, breaking things isn't the healthiest of ways to work out your frustrations but what if the things you were breaking weren't yours?

A trend sweeping the nation would allow you to do just that...rage rooms.

Dante Lopez and Uriah Reinhardt are looking to open one up here in Billings.

Lopez said, "All of the anger is built up in everybody so when they come in they can come in for as long as they need to release as much anger as they need to.

They hope that a rage room will help people deal with their anger in a safe way.

Lopez said, "Whether it's relationship issues, work issues, or domestic violence issues when all of that anger is built up to a certain point who knows when it's going to pop off, who knows what's going to happen."

In an interview in April, Dr. Amid Sood of the Mayo Clinic said, "If you have to pay to break stuff, then it is a good time to ask yourself, 'what is wrong in my life'"

While you'll experience relief for a short period of time, he suggests finding alternative ways to dealing with your anger.

The rage room in Billings isn't open just yet but in a Facebook poll on whether residents would like a rage room, a majority of voters put yes.  


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