BILLINGS, Mont. -  Red Lodge High School's "Outdoor Club" hosted an event on Sunday with ski racer and trail runner Erika Flowers. 

Flowers discussed her partnership with the non-profit, "Protect Our Winters." 

"It's an advocacy organization," said Flowers. "It's focused on climate action on the individual and cultural, and political level." 

Members of the "Outdoor Club" were excited to listen to Flowers, and were inspired with what she had to say on the outdoors, and being an advocate for what you believe in. 

"I think it's great that she's so passionate about the outdoors," said Riven Moore, a sophomore at Red Lodge High School. "It's a lifelong passion for her, and I think it'll be the same for me." 

Flowers concluded in saying she hopes more people become advocates for protecting the environment. 

More information about the "Protect Our Winters" non-profit can be found here.


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