Prep and ship companies in Roundup play a big role in fulfilling orders for amazon sellers

Roundup, Montana is home to about two thousand people and home to Selltec Prep and Ship, a company that receives orders from stores like Walmart, Target and other companies nationwide.  The main job of Selltec is to un-box and re-box each order that they receive and then send it to Amazon.

Owner Kristal Graham was once a seller on Amazon herself, but when she realized she could buy products from other retailers and sell them for a profit, she decided to conduct research on prep and ship companies. 

"I started looking for a prep company and at the time there were only about 15 and none of them were in Montana and I realized there was an opportunity," says Graham. 

From starting in her garage to now having a warehouse with aisles lined of shipments being prepared to be sent out worldwide, her journey is one she didn't expect as she quickly realized why sellers prefer to ship to states like Montana, Oregon or Delaware.

"Montana is tax free and people were drawn to that, at this time time there are only three other states that do that."

With no sales tax, sellers are able to enter the address of Selltec when they buy from a company's website which allows them to increase their margins buy a couple percent. 

With shipping demands at a high around this time of the year, employees are having to work twice as hard.

For prep manager Jerry Cox, who has been with the company for three years, the work may challenge him but each day is a new adventure on the job.

Cox says "it's never the same thing everyday, you're always packaging something different.  It challenges you and because you have to change your boxes everyday, it's different and that's fun to me."

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