Dog Shoots Man -- Yes Headline Is Correct

One man is dead as the result of a self inflicted gunshot wound after police were called to a home on the 1200 block of Peony Drive in the Billings Heights Saturday morning.

According to a police statement officers were dispatched to the address for a report of a male with a gun who may have been holding a female against her will. 

Multiple officers responded the residence and took up perimeter positions.  Multiple attempts were made to call the residence and persons who were listed at the residence with no response. 

With no response from inside the residence, officers approached the front door and could hear a female crying inside.  The officers knocked on the door and announced their presence.  A gunshot was heard inside the residence and the female inside began screaming.  \

Officers breached the front door and located a male suspect in the kitchen who then shot himself. The female was removed from the residence unhurt as well as two other persons who were located in other parts of the house. 

AMR and Billings Fire were on the scene and attempted to resuscitate the 42-year-old male suspect, but were unsuccessful.

The scene was secured and turned over to the police department’s detective division for further investigation.  No officers was injured in the event.

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