Fraud Alert: Skimmer

The Billings Police Department continues to investigate reports of account fraud in the Magic City since July 1st.

Police now believe that three people from Florida are responsible for installing skimming devices in Billings which copy card information and record pin numbers.

While the three primary person's of interest are believed to be behind the operation investigators say they are getting help.

"We believe the three identified persons of interest recruited locals to withdraw money from ATM’s. As Detective’s continue to investigate and obtain surveillance videos involved with the withdrawals, additional persons involved are likely to be identified." 

As police continue to investigate, they are reminding everyone to monitor your accounts and to immediately report any questionable transactions.

The BPD is asking anyone who has information or may have had contact with the group, including those who may have assisted in withdrawing money from the ATM’s, to contact the investigations division at 657-8473.

For more information on skimming and identifying skimming devices click here.

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