Pita Pit serves up life lessons

Love, support, generosity, and family are all words employees at Billings local Pita Pits use to describe owners Kristi and Mark Grob. 

Christina Boyden and Tami Fire Bear haven't had the easiest of lives. 

They're currently both living at Passages pre-release center in Billings and bettering their lives. 

Pita Pit is helping them do that. 

Boyden said working at Pita Pit "has helped out a lot really and it's awesome to work here."

From taking orders to cooking to stuffing the pitas Christina and Tami have learned some big lessons. 

Fire Bear said, "I never really understood being reliable, being responsible, and they are so understanding. They've helped us understand the huge responsibilities of being a team and working together."

The girls said there's so much more to making pitas for customers they've actually made a family there. 

"Having a good support system and having them understand our situation and understand that we're not just criminals and you know we've made our mistakes and to be understanding and willing to give us this chance to grow is really, really important and we're so thankful." Fire Bear said. 

But why hire employees with records? 

Grob said, "we all have a history, and these girls maybe just fell into the wrong crowd or made a few bad decisions but they are working hard to get back into a productive society."

Grob said each employee she hires becomes a member of the family and that's something that Christina and Tami said they both needed. 

"To find that trust in somebody again and being able to know that you can count on whether it be the crew, your bosses and be trusted it's amazing," Boyden said, "to get back in the community and be trusted is a huge step. 

Boyden and Fire Bear are both shift leaders at Pita Pit and said their goal is to continue working hard and moving up. 

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