People on the Big Island wake up to falling ash after Kilauea erupts

People in Hawaii woke up to falling ash this morning on the big island after an eruption from Kilauea's summit sent ash and smoke 30 thousand feet in the air. The summit explosion of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano exploded around 4 o'clock Thursday morning.

In a video, you can see ash plumes and flying debris clearly visible in the early morning skies. In another video from a reporter catching literal ash from the sky. USGS said people should expect more sporadic earthquakes.

Nearby residents have been asked to shelter in place if they're in the path of the ash plume.

"We had vases fall down, pictures fall down," one resident said. "We have this big hutch thing, like a big shelf. We had to take it apart so it doesn't come down on anyone."

Rocks two-feet wide are already raining down on occasion. This may be a potential precursor of the Big One, when boulders are expected to fly.

The mayor of Hawaii said the eruption site and the lava flow are in a very small portion of the island. The state of Hawaii continues to be open for business.

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