ONEOK announces new potential Montana pipeline

The Bakken. A well-known oil field stretching across North Dakota, South Dakota, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and of course, Montana.

But Oklahoma investor ONEOK has released a statement with talk of a new pipeline starting right here in Montana, and stretching all the way to Kansas. 

The Elk Creek Pipeline would be an approximately 900 mile, 20-inch diameter pipeline with the capacity to transport up to 240,000 barrels per day of unfractionated natural gas liquids.

ONEOK said the pipeline would have the ability to expand to 400,000 BPD with additional pump facilities.

So what does a project this big cost?

The estimate is about $1.4 billion.

Terry K Spencer the ONEOK President and Chief Executive Officer said, the Bakken NGL and Overland Pass Pipelines are operating at full capacity. Additional NGL takeaway capacity is critical to meeting the needs of producers who are increasing production."

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