The Latest: Jent to run against Fox for attorney general

With the Congressional election just a week away, many voters may still be deciding who they want to vote for. You may have seen signs around town on your neighbors front lawns with the names of candidates, and you may have heard a little bit about each candidates campaigns.

 We're here to help break down the candidates for you.

 Technology entrepreneur Greg Gianforte is the Republican candidate. Gianforte is the founder of the Gianforte family foundation.

Some of the issues Gianforte highlights in his campaign are working to fight back tax increases, defending second amendment rights, and strengthening social security and Medicare. To see more on Gianforte, click here.

Musician Rob Quist is the candidate on the Democratic side. This is Quist's first run for political office. Among some of the issues Quist highlights in his campaign, he said he is a strong supporter of second amendment rights, ensuring quality and affordable healthcare, and protecting public lands.

To see more on the Quist Campaign, click here.

Rancher and third-party candidate Mark Wicks is running on the Libertarian side. Wicks said he farms and runs a cattle ranch his grandfather founded in 1913. Some of the issues on Wick's platform include curbing the federal budget to cut national debt, rolling back the affordable care act, and managing land to preserve it for future generations.

To see more on Wick's campaign, click here

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