An unidentified man is hospitalized following an officer involved shooting at the Holiday Gas Station at 6th Ave. North and North 27th Street Wednesday morning.

During a media briefing Wednesday morning, police Chief Rich St. John explained that three officers were involved in the incident which escalated in a period of 60 seconds.

Chief St. John says that two officers are now on paid leave after firing their weapons at the suspect after he repeatedly rammed multiple police vehicles and damaged another vehicle at a neighboring car dealership.

Chief St. John says that the officers initially engaged the suspect after a report of a vehicle matching its description being involved in a reported theft.

Chief St. John says the officers tried to block the Ford 350 at the gas station when the unidentified driver accelerated forward ramming one police vehicle before reversing and slamming into another. That vehicle was pushed into a third police cruiser behind it.

St. John explained that officers Brett Hilde and Jeremy Boeckel were on foot as the driver struck the police vehicles. St. John says it was then when the two officers opened fire on the drivers side of the suspects vehicle.

St. John says the suspect was injured and transported from the scene for treatment. St. John added he was told the injuries were not life threatening.

Officer Tracy Icard was inside one of the vehicles which was struck twice.

St. John says Icard was transported from the scene for treatment for minor injuries and was released shortly after.  

UPDATE: A press conference is scheduled for 11:00 AM. We will stream this for you on our Facebook Page.

Crime tape closed off the Holiday Gas Station at 6th Ave. N. and North 27th Street Wednesday morning.

Police on the scene declined to comment on the investigation but told a reporter on the scene that Police Chief Rich St. John would be holding a press conference later in the day.

A Billings Police cruiser was visibly damaged after what appeared to be a rear end collision with a white pickup truck near the pumps.

Yellow evidence markers were also seen at the location.

The Billings Police Crime Investigation unit was still present at 0f 8:00 AM.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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