Nursing assistant goes from helping patients to becoming one

A certified nursing assistant at Billings Clinic has spent years helping others, but now is need of help herself. The job of medical workers is to help the sick or disabled. Desirae Guse is a nursing assistant who has become sick herself.

"Being a patient gave me a whole new view of what it's like."

DesiRae Guse has worked as a certified nursing assistant for more than 12 years. She's been at Billings Clinic for about 3 years. She described what a typical day is like for her.

"I get there in the morning, we get report from the night shift and then pretty much, most floors we start out the first thing in the morning with starting with vitals."

Guse said her job isn't easy, but it's the little things she loves most.

"Helping the patients when they can't do it themselves," Guse said. "Just helping them out even with giving them water."

But now, there's a twist.

"They told me with this type of cancer, it's not curable and that they only give me 1 to 2 years to survive," Guse said.

Guse has a rare cancer called glioblastoma, a fast growing brain tumor that cannot be cured, but it's not death she fears most.

"The dying part doesn't scare me, but just leaving my family, my husband, and my dog," Guse said. "Just knowing that they've got to go on without me."

Guse's husband, Peter, said his wife who has taken care of people for many years, now has to be taken care of herself.

"It's kind of horrible that she has to go through this especially with all the pain that she sees at the hospital," Vicario said.

Nonetheless, Guse said her condition doesn't stop her from going to work.

"I just try to go into each room with a smile on my face and help them out with whatever they need to and I think with this new perspective, it's going to really change," Guse said.

Guse said if she can be granted one wish in the world, it would be to meet Channing Tatum and get his autograph because she said he has been her idol for a very long time. So if you know Channing Tatum, let us know!

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