northern cheyenne meeting

LAME DEER, Mont. - The Northern Cheyenne tribe had a community meeting Sunday with many of their members expressing concerns on how their government is run and how their money is being used for the tribe.  

Former tribal council member for the Busby district, Robert D. Bailey, say's Sundays meeting is meant to bring awareness to an abundance of government issues, "We need positivity, we need to take control of drugs and alcohol, very rampant in our communities.", said Bailey.

Many members feel that their government has not done enough, "I would really like to see our tribal leaders step up, to do what they were elected for.", said Lame Deer resident, Maria Russell-Bigfire.

Bailey say's with elections coming up, he is urging his community to go out and vote to get the right people in office.

"we are in need of tribal leaders that are not afraid to speak up, that have the opportunity and the ability to be honest.", Bailey said.

Although many tribe members are not happy with the current state of their government, they aren't losing that Northern Cheyenne spirit.

"Some of us here, we got hope, we're trying, we're going to clean this place up.", said Lame Deer resident, Robert Simpson.

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