Veteran Air Warriors

Blackhawk UH-60 Helicopter

BILLINGS, Mont. - Veteran Air Warriors was established in 2018 with a mission to provide the necessary resources to train and certify veterans so they may excel in their aviation career.

For some veterans it is tough narrowing down a career path they want to pursue once they are done serving in the u-s military.

"And I know that a lot of guys like my cousin getting out of the marine corp, he's almost 30 years old, those guys don't relate to the 19 year old kids that are just coming into college. So having a pathway that's just a different option for them instead of having to go to college and go into the classrooms and they just don't relate to those guys that are just coming in. So Veteran Warriors is trying to build a pathway into aviation specifically but just having a career role after service that's easier than going to college and dealing with that," said Executive Director of Veteran Air Warriors Cade Overstreet.

The non-profit helps to relieve the financial burden that student pilots encounter throughout their training. Veteran Air Warriors continues to support the veteran through their ratings by sponsoring the private pilot rating.

Once the veteran completes his or her private pilot rating they will use the benefits of their G.I. bill to continue through

their ratings.

Veteran Air Warriors continues as a mentor during the veterans journey through their training and eventual employment.

"Our industry is so short of pilots, they're crying for them. And our motto is you know they sacrifice for our future, lets invest in theirs. And in doing that it's individuals businesses that can step up, make contributions to Veteran Air Warriors, we'll take that money in turn towards school to get them their licenses so they can continue in the aviation industry," said founder of Veteran Air Warriors Mike Overstreet.

Veteran Air Warriors will be holding a fundraiser banquet out at the Billings Fly Service hangars in the Heights on September 12th

starting at 5 pm. There will be dinner, raffles, auctions, as well as a some guest speakers.

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