Non-profit organization discusses concerns about child protective system

The Montana Child Protection Alliance holds a meeting in Billings to discuss shared concerns regarding the child protective system in Montana. The Montana Child Protection Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of children and serves as an advocate for them.

KULR-8 spoke with Denise Johnson who is a board member of MCPA who said Montana has seen too many failures of the child protective system that has not improved. She said the non-profit wants to start working towards solutions to help children, family, foster parents- even caseworkers. She said in the county, there are a thousand out of four thousand children in the state's foster care system and solutions need to be implemented.

She explained this meeting was not against the child protective system.

"Absolutely not, I have a very warm heart for CPS," Johnson said. "I personally adopted two children out of the system. There are some phenomenal workers in the system, but we've got some problems and the system is broken. Even a worker is going to have troubles working in a broken system."

Johnson said their next meeting will be held on May 30th at the Billings Public Library.

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