Verizon Cuts Costs of Monthly Shared Data Plans
Have you received a new iPhone on your door step recently that you didn't order?
If so, you might be the latest victim of a new scam.
Verizon customers seem to be the target as customers are reporting phones they didn't order and calls confirming their accounts. 
Billings Resident, John Dahl, said the scam happened to him and he called Verizon immediately. 
He said he received a call from Verizon saying someone tried getting into his account but didn't have the security information.
The next day John said a brand new iPhone 8 showed up on his door step that he didn't order.
This doesn't sound like a bad deal right?
Well that is until you end up paying for a phone you didn't order.
That's what John said almost happened to him and he isn't the only one. 
John said, "There were a couple young ladies sitting there who had been subjected to the same scam. One of the gals behind the counter said this was the 13th today."
Verizon said if this happens to you immediately call the Verizon fraud line, take the phone into your local Verizon store for a return label, and ship the phone back to Verizon as soon as possible. 
They encourage customers to check their accounts and assure that you will not be held accountable for a phone you didn't order. 
Verizon said there has been no data breach at Verizon Wireless that would put their customers information at risk.

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