New puppy brings joy to grieving Billings family

On National Puppy Day, one local couple welcomed a furry family member. Robyn and Bob Cummings are passionate poodle lovers. 

"We don't have children, so these are our fur babies," Robyn Cummings said. "Poodles add activity to the house, they help us exercise, and they are great little hikers."

"They're very loyal and want to be with you, the poodles, they really do," Bob Cummings added. 

After losing their 14-year-old poodle, Teddy, last year, and their 16-year-old poodle, Farley, last week, the Cummings felt ready to welcome a new puppy to bring joy to their grieving family. The couple turned to a familiar breeder in Missouri and found a male toy poodle, Simon, to join their 11-month-old poodle, Percy. 

"We're super excited," Bob Cummings said. "We're really happy that he's gonna join us and Percy, it's really wonderful. We had a sad week last week when Farley died, but Simon is bringing a ray of sunshine back."

Simon flew into Billings Thursday, welcomed at Billings Logan International Airport by his new family. 

The Cummings found Simon on and encourage everyone to do their research before bringing a new furry friend home. Robyn Cummings says the American Kennel Club, or AKC, offers a questionnaire to help potential dog owners find the right breed to fit their lifestyle. 

Watch the Cummings welcome Simon to their family on KULR-8 News tonight. 

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