Stunning new video shows just how much the wreck of the Titanic has deteriorated in the past 14 years since it was last photographed.

More than 12,000 feet down in bitterly cold water at the Atlantic, a shocking sight.

The legendary Titanic is crumbling, saltwater, strong currents, and metal-eating bacteria taking a devastating toll. 

There are icicle shaped bacteria that are eating the metal.

The famous bathtub in the captain's quarters has now disappeared, hidden, the team says, under a collapsing deck.

The expedition, led by renowned explorer Victor Vescovo, dove down in specially designed submersible made by a Florida company, which took years to build. 

Five dives over eight days earlier this month.

The wreck of the Titanic lies deep down, 12,500 feet underwater.

Scientists say it's now covered in bacteria, threatening to turn the ship's 50,000 tons of iron into powder. The Titanic is dissolving into the sea. 

The new images will allow them to create 3D models to preserve the wreck in virtual reality. They'll also help scientists determine just how much longer this wreck will be around. Some estimates the Titanic could disappear entirely by 2030.

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