New pain management option for expectant mothers in Billings

Billings Clinic is the first in Billings to offer a new pain management option for mothers going into labor. Expectant mothers now have the chance to choose an option in which they can still be in control of their bodies.

KULR 8's Briana Monte headed over to Billings Clinic and spoke with the child birth education coordinator and labor delivery nurse. She said the hospital is now using nitrus oxide as an option for mothers who are about to give birth.

Jessica Halgren said the nitrous oxide is a dissociative. Meaning it distances the patient from the pain. She said this medication is the number one used pain management option for child birth in other countries. She also said this option allows the mothers to be in control. Halgren said nitrus oxide can reduce the risk for mothers needing a C-section. She explained why the new pain management option is important in Billings.

"Moms are making themselves more educated on what options they have in labor and it can really help them have a good experience with their labor," Halgren said. "If it does work well for them and to have that option, at least to try it."

Halgren said the nitrous-oxide pain management option is a cheaper option cost-wise versus getting an epidural.

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