New law allows recovery of bighorn sheep skulls and horns

It is now legal to pick up and possess the skulls and horns of bighorn sheep that died of natural causes. Natural causes does not include animals that were struck by a vehicle, captured or accidentally killed.

If you pick up bighorn sheep skulls or horns, you need to report it to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks within 48 hours, and also present it to them for inspection and plugging. It will cost you $25 for this inspection.

Recovery of bighorn skulls and horns is still not allowed at Montana state parks and the Charles M Russell National Wildlife Refuge.

If you take bighorn sheep skulls and horns illegally, you may face fines, imprisonment or forfeiture of current hunting and fishing licenses. Recovered bighorn sheep skulls and horns may not be sold or bought without a permit from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

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