New gymnastics school set to open at Rimrock mall

After the city's zoning commission denied Darcey Frewin's request to allow a 16,500 square foot gymnastics school on Avenue C and 41st Street West, she started looking at other options which led to leasing this 14,075 square foot space at Rimrock Mall. 

"This takes a lot of the pressure off of the building and all of those things we can focus on equipment, coaching and that kind of thing, so yeah this is a kind of a blessing in disguise and the mall has been fantastic to work with, they want us here," said Darcey Frewin co-owner of Magic City gymnastics.

Billings Gymnastics School is the only gymnastics facility in the community and Magic City Gymnastics says the demand is growing. 

"They have done a fantastic job growing the love of gymnastics and as our community begins to grow, with more people coming into our community, the need for another facility has come up," adds Kim Buhman co-owner of Magic City gymnastics.

Rimrock Mall's marketing director, Daron Olson, said this is a huge win for the mall to keep a steady flow of business.

"For us as a property owner, listening to what our shoppers are telling us, they are urging us to look at more uses that are places to do rather than places to buy. so by introducing magic city gymnastics is completely answering that question," said Olson.

Magic City Gymnastics says registration is open to the public and will offer a variety of classes which includes tumbling and even ninja warrior classes for everyone.

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