2nd degree murder charges dropped against Lame Deer man

On Tuesday, September 18th, federal prosecutors dismissed 2nd degree murder charges against a Lame Deer man accused in the death of a Northern Cheyenne woman. Whitebird Limpy was charged in the death of Julia Stump. According to court documents, the woman was found beaten to death in her Lame Deer home, the apparent victim of a vicious attack.

Court documents show the defense filed a motion to dismiss the case based on deterioration of evidence. The motion alleges Bureau of Indian Affairs law enforcement officers knowingly allowed key evidence in the case to be destroyed.

The documents say the key piece of evidence was a shoe found at the crime scene that matched a shoe worn by another man, Alfred Whitehair, who was in the home during the attack. Documents state the shoe destroyed by BIA officers was found inches from the alleged murder weapon and other crucial DNA evidence.

The prosecution dropped the case without prejudice, meaning they could potentially refile charges against Limpy.

Find the details of the defense's motion below.

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