No prison time for woman who tried to drown newborn in McDonald’s toilet

A California woman accused of giving birth to a baby in a McDonald's restroom and trying to drown it in the toilet will not get any jail time, according to court documents.

SFGate reports Sarah Lockner received four years of supervised probation and one year in county jail with credit for time already served, in addition to being order to take parenting classes.

Lockner had taken a plea deal after initially being charged with attempted murder. She instead pleaded no contest to felony child endangerment.

Lockner was working at a McDonald's in Redwood City in September of 2017 when she complained of stomach pains and frequently went to the bathroom. When a co-worker went to check on her, she allegedly saw a newborn face down in the toilet with Lockner's hand on its back, according to prosecutors.

Police responded to find the baby boy had no pulse and wasn't breathing, but the child survived the incident and is currently being cared for with the aunt of the father.

Prosecutors added that Lockner also gave birth to a child at home five years prior, and that she didn't know she was pregnant prior to either of the two births.

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