Tornado destroys Sioux Falls businesses, homes

Massive amounts of debris blocks roads coming in and out of Sioux Falls. 

Tuesday night, a now confirmed EF-2 tornado ripped through the area, destroying everything in sight, with wind speeds reaching nearly 125-miles per hour. 

Crews were out surveying the structures still standing. Nearly 25-thousand homes and buildings lost power after the storm.

Crews have been working around the clock, rolling that number back to eight-thousand. 

City officials say Tuesday's storm was extremely fast moving, starting in the southeast part of the city, and did not allow much time for dispatchers to sound sirens. 

Mayor Paul TenHaken says, "Quite honestly, what happened with the system is we had a human error issue. Only some of our sirens were activated. So when that call came form weather service to metro, only a partial number of our sirens were activated."

A help center is available, and open, to anyone who wants to volunteer or needs help. 

The last tornado to hit Sioux Falls happened in October of 1996.

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