Tesla's 'Dog Mode' aims to keep pups safe inside their cars

Courtesy of Tesla via YouTube

Tesla has introduced 'Dog Mode,' to keep pups safe inside their cars when their owners are away. 

The mode lets Tesla owners set a cabin temperature to keep dogs comfortable. The current temperature will be displayed on the touchscreen along with a message letting passersby know that the dog inside is safe. 

Electrek reports the updated software rolled out in February, along with a new 'Sentry Mode' to protect against break ins and theft. 

To enable 'Dog Mode,' drivers can tap the fan icon at the bottom of the touchscreen when the car is parked. Set 'Keep Climate On' to 'DOG' and make temperature adjustments. 

The mode will remain activated after drivers leave their cars. If the battery reaches less than 20 percent charge, they will be notified via their mobile app.

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