Mustangs sign new ballpark lease, team is happy to stay and play in Billings

After more than one year of planning and discussion between the Billings Mustangs and the city, the Billings City Council and minor league baseball team reached a new agreement Monday for the Mustangs leasing Dehler Park. Mustangs team owner Dave Heller said he is very pleased with a new lease agreement being reached.

"Everybody with the Mustangs is happy about it," Heller said. "We love being in Billings. Billings is our home. It's been our home since 1948 and we are thrilled to be able to say we're gonna be here for at least ten years."

Heller also thanked the city for the significant amount of time put into the new lease, which outlines a new price for Mustangs use of the park to create a permanent fund, changes to naming rights, maintenance, and other items for use of the ballpark. City Administrator Tina Volek said this new agreement is more comprehensive and extensive than ever before.

"This addresses a great number of issues, and it's a more comprehensive agreement that includes definitions and terms so that in future we won't require such an extensive rewrite," Volek said.

"I think the process is sorta like watching sausage get made. The process of how it happens is not something that's all that pretty but the final product is wonderful."

The Billings Mustangs open their season in Dehler Park on June 19th hosting Missoula.


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