BILLINGS, Mont. - If you have kids in school, you know how hard this last school year has been, but hopefully students at MSU Billings feel like the grind finally paid off.

While last years ceremonies were cancelled due to the coronavirus, MSUB students celebrated their graduation Saturday over at Metrapark.

For students and faculty this marks the end of a very long school year that was disrupted by the pandemic.

The chancellor spoke at the event citing accomplishment and hard work on all sides.

"It is so exciting to have a commencement in person, we did some careful planning and you can hear people are still celebrating, they are so happy to be here. Commencement is such a special occasion for our students. They've earned and they can be so proud, so we're so happy to be in person to celebrate with them today," says Stefani Hicswa, MSUB Chancellor.

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