MSUB celebrates Constitution Day

BILLINGS, Mont. -- A pie eating contest was just one of many ways students and administrators celebrated the 232nd Anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution.  Red, white, and blue cookies, bookmarks, and Constitution pocket books were on display in the front lobby on September 17, 2019.

Library Director Darlene Hert says the student library is a federal depository library that provides information from the government.

"For Constitution Day we were able to get free Constitution pocketbooks to hand out to the students or anyone else who visits the library today," says Hert.

Around noon, people headed over to the cafeteria for the pie eating contest.  MSUB students and one university policeman stuffed their faces with pie while listening to a recitation of the Bill of Rights.

"The government requires college campuses and universities to do education programming on Constitution Day and we want to make it more fun and dynamic than just giving you some pocket constitutions and giving you a speech or something like that," says MSUB Student Engagement Coordinator Chase Greenfield, "so we do educational and fun activities today to celebrate this activity.  Students just heard about the Bill of Rights and got some understanding of their basic rights through those amendments."

People can also register to vote at various locations on campus.

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