Patrick Crusius.

Courtesy El Paso Police Department

We're learning more about the days and weeks leading up to the deadly mass shooting in El Paso.

New information that his mother called police weeks before the mass shooting even happened.

She told police she was worried about her son's age(21), his maturity level, and his lack of experience handling an AK-type firearm. 

But her lawyers say a public safety officer told her, based on her description of the situation, that her son was legally allowed to buy the gun. 

That was it. She didn't give her name or Patrick's name, and police didn't dig any deeper.

And the Allen police department provided no reports documenting the call.

Her lawyers say the call was just to get more information, and she wasn't worried that her son posed a threat to anybody.

Whether that specific gun was used in the attack is still unclear right now.

Patrick Crusius has been charged with capital murder, but he could eventually face federal hate crime and federal firearm charges.

He's accused of killing 22 people at an El Paso Walmart on Saturday.

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