montana jacks

BILLINGS, Mont. - Normally restaurants are swamped with customers when the fair come to the Magic City, but with less events at MetraPark, restaurants aren’t seeing the foot traffic their use to.

Local restaurant and casino, Montana Jacks, like any small business, looks forward to large events coming to the Billings because that usually means more people dining in. 

Unfortunately, Shift Manager Steve Schlosser, says they aren’t seeing the amount of people they expected.  

“This year we’re not seeing a lot from last night, we haven't opened up the fair yet today but it was kind of slow.”, said Schlosser.

Schlosser says people are coming in, but about 50% less than last year during the fair. 

“We were kind of prepared, we had extra staff in, prepared because it was the opening night of the fair and we expected a lot of people and we just didn’t have it.” 

The Manager says the decrease of customers is likely due to more people staying inside and less visiting the fair. 

“Even though there is not concerts, there’s no four wheelers, no races and that kind of stuff, still hoping people come out and go to the fair and stop here and have something to eat.”

While Montana Jacks isn't getting the crowd they’re prepared for, Schlosser knows there are weeks of opportunities for residents to grab a bite to eat before or after riding a few rides.

“We’ll see, we’re hopeful, we want people to come down, we’re prepared for it, we’re ready so come in and join us, we’re here.” 

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